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Fear of Fundraising

12 Apr The Fear of Fundraising and the Joy of Storytelling

Not-for-profit board members, volunteers, and staff members often get very pragmatic advice on how to get over the fear of fundraising. Those approaches include: conduct role-plays, practice “the ask,” use a script, go for a “ride-along” with someone who is comfortable with asking, etc. Though there is merit in these approaches, I think an opportunity for deeper engagement and a more meaningful experience is overlooked. I learned a lot from a wonderful guy named Dave Dunlop when I worked with him on the advancement team at Cornell. Dave is the epitome of graciousness and courtesy. From Dave I learned that the biggest gifts usually don’t require an ask. Why? It is because the donors are inspired by what they can accomplish through their financial generosity. Through their gifts they are investing in something that is intensely worthwhile to them, an expression of their deeply held beliefs…

Fundraising Events

07 Apr Fundraisers and Fundraising Events

  For many not for profit boards, the first response when faced with raising philanthropic support is: “We need to have a fundraiser!” Though some fundraising events are extraordinarily successful and raise a lot of money, they are such because they have the three magic ingredients: a compelling cause; an enthusiastic, engaged, and experienced cadre of volunteers; and a cultivated, loyal audience of supporters that will choose your event over a range of other opportunities to spend good money on a worthy cause. Those organizations that have these ingredients are extraordinarily successful. But, they are few in number. If one fully accounts for all of the direct and indirect costs attributed to an event, most hover around break even—some are modestly profitable, some lose money. That doesn’t mean they aren’t worthwhile. Fundraising events are very effective as means (not as ends) to succeeding at fundraising….

fundraising consultant

22 Mar How do I Find a Great Fundraising Consultant?

Finding a great fundraising consultant can feel daunting. Being one myself, I admit that the number of us can seem endless and the approaches to fundraising are quite varied. But if you go at it methodically, you can find your way to the person (or firm) that is right for you. Know what you don’t know about fundraising The first step is to clarify what you need. Where are your knowledge or experience gaps? What problems do you need to solve? Many fundraisers have different specialties. The clearer you are about what you need, the better questions you can ask—and asking good questions is the key to hiring the right fundraising consultant. Conduct a search and ask for referrals With limited resources and time, you can get a pretty good sense of what is out there. Though a simple Google search will result in thousands of…