The New Millennium of Performance Management

Jim Mueller dives into how to develop a winning team within your organization. Some of the topics in the recorded webinar include:

1. Traditional employee appraisal systems are outmoded and counterproductive
2. Stop assessing, start coaching
3. Barriers to coaching
4. Benefits to coaching
5. The coaching model
6. Positive Inquiry Coaching
7. Why make the effort to coach
8. Brief word on stages of team member growth

Watch the recorded webinar here:

Jim Mueller’s webinar on The New Millennium of Performance Management was insightful, practical, and the best webinar on leadership that I've listened to in years.
—Arminda Lathrop, Principal, Lathrop Advising Group


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AUTHOR - James Mueller

Jim Mueller is president of James Mueller & Associates LLC (JMA), a national consulting firm that provides services in the areas of organizational development, governance, and philanthropy. Follow Jim on LinkedIn.