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Onboarding Champions: The Seven Recruiting Principles of Highly Effective Nonprofit Boards

by Jim Mueller

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Are you a business executive looking to serve on a nonprofit board? Are you a current board member looking for ways to strengthen your board’s governance? Are you a nonprofit executive wondering how to get the most out of your board?  Whichever the case, I wrote Onboarding Champions: The Seven Recruiting Principles for Highly Effective Nonprofit Boards for you.

Onboarding Champions is the essential guidebook for every nonprofit board member and executive.

Jim challenges board members to become champions of governance and provides seven example-rich principles of highly effective boards that include culture, character, competence, connections, composition, continuity, and collaboration. His fresh approach to governance has seasoned veterans rethinking long-held assumptions and new leaders treasuring Jim’s expertise.

Jim Mueller is a masterful executive, board member, and high-level consultant to nonprofit organizations, and this shines through in his latest book, Onboarding Champions. He gets right to the heart of the matter in the first chapter with creating board culture—boom! Jim asks incredibly insightful questions that unlock strategic conversations around recruitment, selection, and onboarding of new directors. He also provides practical exercises that give insight into your own situation.”

— Steven Bowman, international board advisor, author, and consultant

Lyrics of a Broken Heart: A Father’s Journey Toward Wholeness

by Jim Mueller

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Turning his private journaling into a book, Jim Mueller shares with the reader the deepest emotions a father can experience from the loss of his child. Through lyric prose, he plumbs the depth of his journey from devastating loss to emotional recovery.

Mueller writes: The loss of Luke was dissociating and unhinging. I was groping in the darkness, in sadness, with no sense of how to move forward in a life without my son. The writing was the key to my sanity. As I continued to write, I discovered I was creating a pathway through grief toward emotional wholeness.

This book addresses often-overlooked aspects of parenting: a father’s perspective and love for his child. Jim Mueller’s insights and reflections are worth their weight in gold. This short book is packed with words of wisdom for all dads and especially those who may have a child with special needs.”

— David Hirsch, 21st Century Dads Foundation, Special Fathers Network Dad to Dad podcast host

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