Success Stories

Success Story: Business

Diana’s business partner of more than 25 years was ready to retire on the heels of COVID. While Diana was president and CEO, her partner was COO and head of creative. This was a critical juncture for their advertising agency, and it was that moment that Diana recalled her experience of me facilitating difficult conversations. She had hired me eight years earlier to provide a community assessment for a nonprofit board she chaired.

Though Diana and her ad agency partner got along famously, they knew they faced some tough discussions ahead—both personal and professional. There was a lot of angst and unspoken junk getting in the way. Thanks to some constructive exchanges I facilitated, we were able to open new doors of possibility and achieve a framework for critical conversations in the future. Impressed by the results and her newly minted skills for productive decision-making, Diana hired me again to work with her team leaders. Diana’s given me the greatest compliment: she brings me in to guide some of her agency clients who need the unique skill set that I offer.

— Diana Brooks
President & CEO
VSBrooks Agency
Specializing in health and wellness

If Jim could manage the critical transition my partner and I encountered in our business, I knew he could handle more. After we decided to hire two successors to perform my partner’s COO and creative-head responsibilities, Jim helped each one of these executives assume their new roles seamlessly.

Jim uses a proprietary tool that helps you fast-track the analysis of a person’s skills and values. Jim expertly coached us with the profile results to focus on upskilling our new execs to meet the demands of each job. He also coached them on the conversation competencies he taught me.

That process went so well that I decided every key position in the agency could benefit from his coaching and interaction skills. Jim and his profile process enable us to have what would otherwise be very difficult or possibly damaging conversations. Instead, we’re meeting the rising tide of client expectations with productive decision-making and positive inquiry.

The ROI is faster speed to market, better client service, improved culture, and discussions that lead to improved systems. Bottom line: we learned how to work smarter and hold no-fear conversations from Jim.”

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