Success Stories

Success Story: Start-Up

I met Jeff Roschman while he was chairing a nonprofit board. The board had hired me to help them shift their organizational culture that was 60+ years old. A lot of habits take root over six decades, so they asked me to help them move past some counterproductive cultural issues. Jeff witnessed firsthand how I worked with the board leadership using the Hartman Value Profile and discovered how collective personalities and values were holding them back. It was incredibly cathartic for the agency and helped the board regain a proactive position in taking the organization forward. Because Jeff experienced the team’s ability to let go of entrenched practices and how much the HVP approach facilitated this readiness, he hired me to work with his new company, Diadem Sports. There I had the privilege of collaborating with Jeff and his team on their hiring practices, which are critical for a start-up operation.

— Jeff Roschman
Chairman of Diadem Sports

The number-one reason you hire Jim is that you don’t want to fire anyone. Our sales team is our lifeblood. If I hire salespeople who don’t have the competencies associated with salesmanship, then I’m out of luck. I’ve used the gut approach over the years, but that doesn’t work. There’s less of a connection between someone in an interview setting and how they actually perform on the job. I’ve come to realize that Jim’s approach with the Hartman Value Profile is a game-changer.

With the profile results and Jim’s coaching, I can look at a new hire and know how they’ll respond to feedback and client rejection. I also understand what motivates them. What’s more, we have a start-up culture, so I’m interested in employees who are self-starters. With Jim’s guidance and analysis, I know an employee’s motivation index and if their values make them a good fit for our company. We use Jim’s approach with 95 percent of our hires, and since we started the company two years ago, sales have gone up 15-fold.

This has been such a valuable experience that I’m now using the tool for a mentorship program I’ve launched. The HVP was an incredible resource with our most recent class of mentees as we discussed their career goals in light of their skills and values. I use this tool wherever I can.”

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