Success Stories

Success Story: Behavioral Health

hbhEstablished in 1953, Henderson Behavioral Health provides healthcare, housing, and hope for over 30,000 persons of all ages with behavioral health conditions each year. Through care, supported employment, advocacy, and housing, Henderson assists and inspires people with mental illnesses and substance use disorders to reclaim their lives.

As a large, complex, highly visible nonprofit in South Florida, Henderson faces unique challenges. Over the years, our team has worked with Henderson to help strengthen its governance and build staff team cohesiveness around vision and mission.

In our most recent engagement, we spent a day with team leaders from across the organization to articulate and achieve alignment behind a compelling vision that could flow throughout all organizational departments. By first defining the organization’s core values, and through a Hartman Value Profile exercise, demonstrating the team member’s varying decision-making styles, we set the stage for a deeply engaging, candid discussion. As a result, team leaders walked away with a clear understanding of the organization’s vision and how that vision is interpreted in the workplans of each department.

— Steven Ronik, Ed.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Henderson Behavioral Health

Working with Jim has been an excellent experience. Jim is an excellent leader and facilitator. He knows how to work with leadership teams and how to facilitate and promote critical discussions.

We have had many very productive and meaningful experiences with Jim and have called on him multiple times.”

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