Non-Profit Fundraising



James Mueller & Associates are known for the careful research and rigorous analysis that they bring to organizational and development program reviews and fundraising studies. The reports generated from the studies and the development of action plans with the client map a productive way forward.



In addition to reviews and studies, our team members help organizations structure and develop sound fundraising programs, from staff organization to proven best practices to infrastructure. We help organizations scale programs that are appropriate for their size and capacity. In addition to program development, we provide staff training for both individuals and groups, whichever best suits the needs of the organization.



Our team of seasoned professionals also provides counsel on fundraising campaigns, including guidance across an array fundraising challenges that confront nonprofit organizations every day.



An adjunct to program reviews and fundraising studies is prospect identification and development. Our team uses resources and strategies to help organizations identify and reach out to their best prospects and donors.



Major gifts fundraising, the heart of every development program, is time intensive. Key to success is knowing how to prioritize your prospects. Working with a strategic partner, we screen your prospect pool to identify those most likely give, based on customized predictive models. Informed by this critical information fundraisers are able to confidently set priorities, target solicitations, and build the pipeline to raise more money more efficiently.



An effective case for support compellingly articulates the promise that an organization delivers to its community. A foundation stone of the fundraising program, the case must convince donors that your organization solves important problems that affect their lives. Our team has years of experience in crafting effective cases of support that enable organizations to confidently appeal for financial support.



In order to tell your story and present your case, the key to success is getting the appointment. We provide a sophisticated, highly professional appointment-setting service—managed by a colleague with years of experience—that seamlessly integrates into your organization.