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Build an Extraordinary, High Performing, Successful Organization.

We partner with clients to help them solve problems and realize their vision. Employing proven and best practices in the areas of organizational development, board development, and fundraising we help our clients build strong teams, develop a solid infrastructure, and raise financial support. We bring expertise in strategic planning, internal and external program reviews, feasibility studies, board recruitment and development, staffing and team building, fundraising and campaign counsel, performance and outcomes management, branding, and executive coaching.

Where We Can Help

  • Strategic Planning & Purpose
  • Organizational Development
  • Team Building
  • High Performing Leadership Teams
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Staffing
  • Volunteer Staffing
  • Help in Plan Execution
  • Communications
  • Governance
  • Priority & Focus

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Broward College
YMCA of Broward County
American Association of University Professors Foundation
Feeding South Florida
Association of Staff Physician Recruiters
Sixers Youth Foundation

What Our Clients Say


— Nancy O’Donnell-Wilson
Executive Director, Broward College Foundation
Vice President for Advancement, Broward College

We absolutely love working with Jim Mueller and his team. In terms of nonprofit consulting firms, James Mueller & Associates is at the top of the list. They took the collective energy and talent of our team and helped us get focused on performance. They guided us through times of tough decision making to help us create a culture that has discipline and a cadence of accountability to get the right things done in the right way. Jim is an expert in organization and change management. He worked with our team to transition from events and activities to donor-centered engagement strategies that have dramatically transformed our fundraising success.

Jim brought the tools we needed to not only help us to see our blind spots, but to recognize our strengths and capitalize on them. The Hartman Value Profile is a very valuable tool in this regard.

— Steven Ronik, Ed.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Henderson Behavioral Health

Working with Jim has been an excellent experience. Jim is an excellent leader and facilitator. He knows how to work with leadership teams and how to facilitate and promote critical discussions.

We have had many very productive and meaningful experiences with Jim and have called on him multiple times.

— Amy Hever
Executive Director
Sixers Youth Foundation
Sixers Community Engagement Program

The greatest benefit of working with Jim and his team is to have a strategic thought partner. I can’t over emphasize how important that is in an organization that moves as quickly as ours. Jim’s perspective provides a lens, or one might say, a unique window into how we should be talking to our communities and internal stakeholders.

“In addition to serving as a thought partner, the Mueller & Associates team has helped us in three overlapping areas: organizational alignment, leadership development, and managing change. I came from the nonprofit world and took on a role in corporate sports philanthropy. The Sixers is an organization with a commitment to helping their communities, but it had relied solely on community relations to achieve this outcome. Jim’s team has helped me craft the language and approach for our organization’s leadership —in ways that are most meaningful to them— regarding the tremendous community impact and productive change we can make through our Foundation.

When you are part of an organization with a powerful brand like the Sixers, in order to effectively manage change, you really need to hone your leadership and relationship skills. You need to figure out your strategy and approach to help communities when they are asking for things you can’t always provide. Conversations with Jim have had a tremendous impact on how I am able to negotiate this challenge.

Today, we have the respect of the communities we serve because we have strategically built relationships and engaged them authentically. When crises arise, and in the high profile game we play they always do, we can negotiate a productive way forward because we have built trust. I can honestly say that the Mueller & Associates team has been an integral part of us getting here.

James Mueller & Associates helps organizations build plans that are rooted in the values, vision, mission, and brand position of the organization, are action oriented, and contain measures of success. See how we can help you.