Free Leader’s Guide

Achieving Diverse & Inclusive Governing Boards

Are you challenged in creating a competent and effective board that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive?  You are not alone.  It’s hard to do.  But not impossible.  You just need a framework to to help set the stage and manage the process.

I’m offering to share my insights from forty years of building effective boards through this free guide “Achieving Diverse & Inclusive Governing Boards.” The guide includes a template to help you identify your board’s strengths as the areas of development.

Jim Mueller
Jim Mueller is president of James Mueller & Associates LLC (JMA), a national consulting firm that provides services in the areas of organizational development, governance, and philanthropy.

With over forty years of service to the nonprofit sector, James has coached board chairs and executives throughout the country and in the Caribbean, helping them implement proven practices to bring about the change they aspire to achieve. Combining his professional expertise with practical service on governing boards has provided him with keen insight into the organizational and human dynamics that are critical pieces of the effective governance puzzle.

As an author, lecturer, philanthropic and organizational strategist, and nonprofit governance expert, Mueller shares a lifetime of learning with nonprofit boards and staff members. His work helping nonprofits advance their missions has earned him recognition nationally. In 2021, he published his second book, Onboarding Champions: The Seven Recruiting Principles of Highly Effective Nonprofit Boards.

Jim Mueller is a masterful executive, board member, and high-level consultant to nonprofit organizations, and this shines through in his latest book, Onboarding Champions. He gets right to the heart of the matter in the first chapter with creating board culture—boom! Jim asks incredibly insightful questions that unlock strategic conversations around recruitment, selection, and onboarding of new directors. He also provides practical exercises that give insight into your own situation.”

— Steven Bowman, international board advisor, author, and consultant